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Dr. Merle (also known as “Eve”) Ray is an American business strategist, consultant, publisher, trainer, business, ministry, and life coach. She is a certified senior professional in both Human Resources (Human Capital Management (HCM) and Organizational Change Management (OCM), and has specialized in the full range of human capital, organizational transformation, and senior leadership in large complex corporate organizations, small businesses, and non-profits for over 20 years. She is also a professionally certified coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and an ordained minister serving in a pastoral leadership consulting capacity to other pastors, leaders and their congregations. As such, Ms. Ray is relied upon as a thought-leader in private secular industries as well as in public and non-profit industries. Having earned a PhD from Newburgh Theological Seminary, Dr. Ray also earned a Master of Science degree from Grand Canyon University, and a Bachelor of Science degree with a specialization in Leadership from the College of Biblical Studies in Houston, Texas. Dr. Ray is known for working with individuals and leaders in custom brand development, ministry vision, strategy development, transformation experiences, and self-help using best-practices tools and workbooks including her own products: Spiritual Identity: Worldview Wisdom for Women, Six-Figures and Beyond Success, Kings in the Meantime, Curing Our Toxic Faith (videos), Win F.A.S.T., and 40-days to Transformation. She has published over 7 books and 60+ books for other pastors and leaders. Many have benefited from her knowledge of business and ministry as Dr. Ray’s passion is elevating the personal, professional, and spiritual lives of men and women. In her spare time, she enjoys what she calls “Eve Girl Amazing” time setting and achieving goals with her closest friends and family. More


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Get results in your business career, ministry, and life

Not everyone has the proven consulting experience of being a paid professional navigating clients and individuals through complex business, ministry, or organizational change. When working with me, we won’t be settling for vague services; we will only accept proven results. After all, it’s your destiny that’s on the line.

Get unstuck with specialized insights

Coaching is a profound transformation and learning process that enables you to personally change as we co-partner together to see your work accomplished.In coaching, YOU become the change you want to see in an exciting and inspirational process leading to your personal and professional success.

Get transformation coaching + delivery

There are real differences between coaches, consultants, and strategists. Few people are gifted at doing all three successfully, and I’m thankful to be one of them. Choose the transformation experience that works best for YOU, and we’ll build the solutions you need to get the job done. From pastors and ministries to professionals in business; from books and businesses to online platforms, courses, blueprints, and roadmaps; from personal and professional development to spiritual elevation – a powerful change begins with a powerful connection. You’ve come to the right place to elevate your brilliance, execute your vision, and transform your life!

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