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Dr. Sabrina Echols-Sampson, M.D.

Have you ever lost your voice?

Has life’s circumstances knocked the wind right out of you? Dr. Sabrina Echols-Sampson has been there!

“I was – voiceless!” writes Dr. Sampson.

“It was as if the air was still, and I waited patiently to hear the wind blow again. The death of my mother, brother, and others close to me knocked the wind right out of me. The shadows of the valley of death (Psalm 23:4) were all around me. Then divorce came as a hurricane, and blew away my vocal cords. Silence ripped through my life…”

Dr. Sabrina Sampson’s true voice lessons on life in VOICELESS will inspire you to breathe again as she steps through amazing stories from her own life. Be captivated by this miraculous story of the young girl who grew up in the inner streets of Chicago. Headed down the wrong path, Sabrina’s trials would be the catalyst for God to use tremendous rejection and heartbreak to breathe life back into her.

As a renown medical doctor, Dr. Sampson has committed her life to breathing life again back into the body, soul, and spirit of man.



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