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Business Consulting, Strategy & Brand Development

As a senior consultant and director for five years in one of Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies and in my own independent firm for many years, I get to focus on a wide variety of business problems across multiple industries for large corporations and small businesses. The experiences gained help me to offer a profound level of service to my clients today. Strategy: Sometimes you need external help to assess, evaluate, recommend, and determine the best approach to take in a series of complex business maneuvers. Getting to that best approach takes experience, skill, and a level of awareness that most leaders on the job don’t have the luxury of keeping abreast of everyday. Leaders from all sectors have relied upon my expertise and professionalism to advance their businesses and organizations through the most difficult change. Now you can too! If your organization needs an outside perspective and fresh objective insights to tackle complex business challenges, here’s how you can reach out to me. Or, if you need to use the market space to tell people what your company does, why, and how it does it, then you need my services to help you build your brand for unique competitive advantage over your competition.


With over 20 years of experience providing consulting services to leaders of small, mid-size, and large corporations, my expertise in dealing with people across various fields is second to none. Having worked in sales & marketing environment, health-care, professional services, and government, and being certified across multiple areas including: human capital management, organizational change, and public management, I have the unique ability to show individuals how to dominate their market in creating competitive value for their organizations. Here’s how you can contact me to help you develop your strategy and attack your business challenges.

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Ministry Consulting & Discipleship Training

In addition to my background in business, I have been called as a consultant and solutions provider to ministries. God has given me a spiritual passion that helps keep me poised and on the cutting edge of what works best for pastors, church members, and visionary leaders. Plus, in discipleship, my goal is to train and teach biblical truth and spiritual disciplines to Believers who want to experience tangible quantifiable results from their intimacy with Christ on this side of the sun. Many Believers love Jesus but do not know how to apply their faith to manifest results in their personal and professional lives. Ministry consulting and discipleship training for the Board of Directors, Pastors, and Lay Leaders of churches and faith-based organizations in a group or 1-on-1 setting allows us to work together to see the Word of God become flesh in your organization to strengthen the Body of Christ, grow God’s agenda, and identify His strategies for eternal effectiveness.

As a pastor, church member, or church leader you can work with me to develop, improve, and enhance the lives and organizations that you care about, as well as your own. Non-profit leaders have relied upon me for over 20 years to help them keep their visions and teams fresh and focused in meeting their community’s needs. Here’s how to reach me for your ministry consulting or discipleship training needs.  

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Publishing Books & Curriculum Platforms


An award-winning developer of multiple training programs within organizations and a provider of creative content services, I have been published in industry associations, business journals, and have written many business technical documents and white papers. As a hobby turned into business, I have published over 7 of my own books and over 70 for other leaders. The right choice for your next bestseller or business journal document, I utilize industry best-practices and APA formatting to launch your hardcover books, journals, paperbacks, and eBooks onto major markets wherever books are sold. I also utilize a team of experts to assist with your editing, formatting, layout, proofreading, and the like, so that you get the very best finished product. My proven business expertise for this service consist of published business journal documents readily available to you. In addition, my proven expertise in writing as a passion and hobby is best demonstrated (on a personal note) in my book-writing website at To produce business white papers, sound industry technical writing in your field of expertise, or publish your own personal bestseller, please feel free to contact me.


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Coaching and Transformation

At the heart of what drives me to work with individuals is the reality that behind every decision we make is a person of motivation, inspiration, and character. On any given day we are moved, distracted, or pushed to pursue new goals, new levels of enjoyment, new passion points, and new interests. Coaching and transformation offers individuals the opportunity to self-discover what is inside and outside that would fulfill whatever one’s desire or need is. As a professional coach in corporations and in faith-based ministries, I’ve had the pleasure of co-partnering with hundreds of individuals just like you who want to achieve or accomplish something meaningful to them. Many times the objective is work related such as performance issues, productivity, or a desire for promotion or increased income. Other times the transformation and coaching has centered on spiritual growth, the spiritual gifts, Christian discipleship, and a desire to see the manifested promises of God. Personally, these are my passion and this is why I invite you to improve the quality of your life through co-partnering with me in a faith-based coaching relationship. You’ll change your life forever when you recognize that godly transformation is a way of life. A powerful change comes with a powerful partner, and I believe that together we can move heaven and earth by taking charge of our God-given abilities and opportunities in life. Not only am I an industry certified professional in business circles, I’m also an ordained minister and support individuals in and outside the Body of Christ to improve their lives. If you wish to see the difference between those who say they are coaches, and those who are called to coach, I invite you to co-partner with me in the deep spiritual change that you seek in your life.


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