At 82 years of age, I became a prayer coach and wrote my first book because of Dr. Merle Ray! Forever grateful for her gifts and service.

Senior Prayer Coach, Mrs. Carrie L. Porter

May I Pray with You?

At a time of fires consuming homes and acres of forests, a period of unusually hot weather, a financial crisis in the US and around the world, many people without work, without health insurance, in a political climate where we are discussing whether the rich should pay their share of income taxes or heap it on the middle class, when children are being shot while sitting on their stoops, teen girls are having more than one child, trusted men molesting children right up under the eyes of their leaders, when church leaders and pastors are falling like flies, and more and more and more issues; don’t you think we need prayer?

Don’t you think we need people who can get a prayer through? Don’t you think we need people who ask us if they can pray for us?

This book is about how all of us can be equipped to pray for hurting people no matter where they might be in their lives. When you are in a crisis you don’t really care about church/state issues or who is looking at you on a plane. Knowing that someone cares enough to bring your issues to God is of great comfort. All of us who confess Jesus as Lord should read this book, as Jesus no longer walks the streets of our world. He has left His ministry of prayer and comfort to a new generation of followers. It’s time you get off your pew and out of your fear to pray for people who desperately need to know that there is a Father who cares ever so deeply for any and every human need.

This book is your guide to how to be the voice of Christ in a world gone mad!

-Bernard Franklin, Ph.D.

Father, Education and Community Leader, Kansas City

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