Live and Love Your Life in Christ


As an Executive Strategist in Corporate America, Licensed Minister, and member of the Body of Christ for many years, I’ve noticed that people of faith just don’t seem to be happy anymore. Even inside the church, church pain has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Why is that?

Are people just not that good at cultivating healthy relationships? Raising joyful families? Establishing thriving organizations and businesses? And providing charity at home first, then abroad?

And what about the church? How are we as kings, priests, and prophets demonstrating the capacity to have joy-filled families, run thriving churches, and operate profitable businesses?

I don’t know about you, but I want a spiritually and emotionally healthy church congregation. I want wholesome family and social relationships that are really beneficial, and not just existent on the pages of social media!

In what ways can we show ourselves and others the tangible value and difference that serving the Almighty and humanity makes?

How do YOU be YOU and still Be Brilliant? How do You show up for life NOT just on Sunday mornings, but every day? And how does the Church, the Greatest Brand on Earth respond to the world’s need for fulfillment?

These are the questions people search out in a quest for fulfillment on a daily basis.

I specialize in helping people just like you answer these questions for themselves. We do not wait on our pastors, governments, or others to answer questions like these for us. Our Spiritual Identity is our God-given domain!  But yet so many of us are still waiting for someone to approve us – or better yet, give us that boost we need.

1-hour a week and you’ll change your life!

Work with me in a one-on-one consulting or coaching arrangement, and you’ll learn how to thrive in your dominion! We’ll build a whole new platform designed by God to help you see and live out your business, your purpose, and your calling.

Make the money.

Have the relationship.

Grow the business.

Write the book.

And prosper, even as your soul prospers!

Build your Destiny Change Management© Plan

Contact me for how you can get started with a customized transformational plan of action to achieve the things that you believe God called you for.

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