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I am so excited that you are making the commitment to Elevate Your Brilliance!™ You have become a part of what I believe is a move of God all over the world calling His people to “Come up hither!” to become transformed in their personal, professional, and spiritual lives in order to see and experience more of the manifested goodness of the Lord in the land of the living on this side of heaven (Psalm 27:13).

The purpose of this message is to provide you with instant access to your materials in either the LIFETIME TRANSFORMATION ONLINE SUBSCRIPTION and/or the TRANSFORMATION + DELIVERABLES™ package whichever you have just purchased access to from my website.

Having access to the links and materials below means you have the awesome opportunity to work with me either through my teaching materials, books, and tools and/or directly to produce what it is that you want to achieve over our first year together!

For your benefit, these links point you to all of my written and downloadable materials in your plan. Why is this important? Because as we work together, you will find that my style of coaching and consulting is very much rooted in the spiritual principles outlined in these materials.

You will have ongoing access to these materials as long as your subscription is active. Keep any Paypal receipts sent to you via email for your records.

Now for those of you who enrolled in the TRANSFORMATION + PRODUCT DELIVERABLES package, I know that you are excited to tell me about your dreams, visions, and goals in projects you feel that the Lord has placed upon your heart. Know that I am eager to hear and work with you in person on those things. I believe the reason why people prefer to work with me over other consultants, coaches, and ministry leaders is because of the spiritual insights, experience, and “God-factor” in my work along with the professional skills and capabilities that I have been anointed by God to deliver. That said, it’s important that we both understand one another in our walk and our talk, and therefore to get started we should spend time getting acquainted with how to work with each other. We’ll need to spend the first few weeks (any where from 2 to 8 weeks) getting ourselves prepared to do the work.

So, here’s my suggestion to get us started:

  • I will spend my time listening to you, finding out more about you, and your desires for us to work together, i.e. what it is that you feel God has called you to in this season, and how you feel that I can help you.
  • I suggest that you spend time in at least one of the books that I’ve written on this website prior to our first meeting. In addition to that, it is required for you to review your service plan documents, and information that I will provide to you via email each week so that you can become more acquainted with the powerful opportunity and set of tools that you have before you in this journey.
  • We will set our first appointment in 2 weeks to give you time to cover the requirement materials just mentioned before our conversation. You and I will use these initial weeks to exchange and review the information that we will be sharing with each other via text, online, and/or emails in order to make our planned first meeting and our remaining meetings as effective as possible.

How does that sound to you?

In the interim, here are your access materials. Go ahead and choose at least one resource below to prepare your heart and mind for what you are about to receive from the Lord in our meetings and work time. You will find that we will refer to these materials quite often, so it is a great idea to read through all of the resources since your transformation to where you want to be in your personal, professional, or spiritual life depends on what you are willing to do to add to your faith.

Click here to download and access your materials.

If you have completed your pre-work described above and have not already done so, you may wish to take advantage of my Private Access E-mail for submitting Q&A Conversations for the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website. These are questions from you and others and answers directly from me about the teaching materials you are working through from my tools suite. When you submit questions to Q&A conversations, be sure to give at least 3 business days for responses to be posted to the FAQs section of our site if the question has not already been asked before.

As always, if you prefer one-on-one assistance, make sure that you subscribe to the Transformation + Deliverables plan in order to have your questions submitted in our one-on-ones or via email directly with a response faster, when possible.

As you go through the teaching materials, be sure to post online in our private community for sharing and empowerment with others. Through these powerful empowerment avenues, you have access to empowerment emails from me weekly, self-help transformation tools, and much more to assist you in succeeding on your journey.

These tools include:

  • Any Spiritual lessons and books written by me (depending on the plan chosen), plus
  • Any Business lessons written by me (depending on your subscription package), and professional strategies as a business consultant and internal corporate coach with American corporations for nearly 30 years.

I’ve poured my knowledge into these transformation experiences and put them into courses and experiences to empower and encourage the Body of Christ and those who would find their answers and solutions through the Word of God today.

Remember, when you have completed your pre-work above, to book your private sessions, just send me an email and I’ll also contact you directly if I do not hear from you. The key is: getting into the books, getting connected with me, and getting deliverables!

I’m sure you will benefit from keeping access to these power-packed materials and any updates and enhancements that the Lord may give as additional tools, teaching, and resources.

I strongly recommend that you complete all of the assignments included in the books, especially working on improving your walk with God, your business or career goals, or your personal life.

I am excited by the opportunity to be a part of this experience on the path to the life you were created to have. Your program materials are activated now.  So please be thinking about the Elevation Goals you have for your subscription period. If you are an Option 3: Transformation + Deliverables enrollee and wish to contact me by phone, I can be reached by leaving a message at (281) 827-4396; however, since I do work full-time, it is best to reach me via text or via email at if you have any further questions about the plan you have chosen and your desired outcomes for the work we will pursue together. I am excited to begin and looking forward to seeing your Elevate Your Brilliance.


Dr. Merle Evelyn Ray


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