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40-Days to Transformation Excellence!

By Merle Evelyn Ray, MSL, SPHR, IPMA-SCP, CMP

In trying times, most people are challenged to redefine themselves in order to maintain their livelihood. This is when people tend to ask, “Am I going to make it? What’s going on? Is everything going to turn out well with me?” During tough times, one also tends to wonder, “Where is God?” I know I did. If you are struggling to hold on fiscally, spiritually, mentally, or physically, hang on! I found out that God is a TRANSFORMATION EXPERT! I believe He has high hopes for you! If He didn’t He wouldn’t have created you. In this book, I define transformation as seeing God in a whole new light and being changed as a result. It is the process of acquiring God’s high hopes for your life: one acquisition after another. You are going from one experience with God to another experience with God– until you begin to see the glory of God in the situation and become changed as a result of going through the process.


Godly transformation is the greatest coaching or mentoring experience I have ever known. Unlike our worldly setups, godly transformation does not have a name attached or associated with it. It is the Holy Spirit doing the work – mentoring and coaching you toward wholeness because He is the One who makes your name great!
I must confess when I started seeking God for transformation, my main goal was recapturing my six-figure income. With all my heart, I believed that I was called to be “channel of blessing.” But after leaving my job to dive into full-time ministry, experiencing medical challenges, divorce, a business that was spiraling downward, and finally, foreclosure, all I wanted was my income back!


Transformation doesn’t always happen how you expect it.


New life, new health, new wealth may be in the place you never imagined. God made transformation happen for me in business rather than in church. After losing everything, I found out it was God’s will that transformation happen for me through business and not through a full-time ministry. Moreover, I became the ministry! God made me a walking talking living experience of who He is in my situation. Now that’s real transformation!


In this book, you’ll walk through your own Godly Transformation using the keys that God gave me in the book 40-Days of Transformation Excellence.


Give yourself an-hour with God, and me as your supportive co-partner, and watch what happens!

You choose how you want us to work together, and the best part is:



Seek God. Love His Word. Get Real.

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