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Date:December 17, 2022

All The Tools You Need To Improve


Forget the work-life balancing act! Your goal is fulfillment! People want to work with people who are fulfilled in what they do, no matter how much money they make. But it’s hard to be fulfilled when you don’t have enough to make ends meet. When you have to work extra hard for little to no results, that kind of life isn’t fulfilling.


Upskill and reskill in building 6 assets that help to advance your career skills to the six-figure level and beyond. In Six-Figures & Beyond Success®, you’ll gain not only the knowledge but the skills and application that professionals use to not only advance their money, but their mindset to keep advancing toward fulfillment goals.


Work with experienced leader, Dr. Merle Ray, to achieve greater results in your career. Wherever you are – at home, school, work, or play, the fulfilled person is not one person at work, another person at home, and another person somewhere else. You are the same person, using different attributes of who you are. You’ll learn how to make your attributes work for you and start living again with these 6 assets! You’ll love and laugh your career – all the way to the bank!


About This Experience

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Develop 6 assets that help you attract and go beyond success. Get ready. Get set. Go-live towards your measurable tangible personal, professional, and spiritual goals. Establish with clarity what is your mission, vision, core values and goals that drive and not drain you of fulfilment!

You will learn

What it means to go beyond success

Your personal strategy for getting better

Moving from your AS-IS to your TO-BE state

Your career mission, vision, values, and goals

Seven powerful money-attracting-life-changing skills

Six assets to master, upskill, or reskill

How not to ever give up on fulfilling your God-given dreams

Fulfilled or Fledging?

As an experienced corporate director and consultant of over 20 years now, I get to meet many wonderful working professionals and entrepreneurs who unfortunately spend their hard-earned money on people posing as consultants, coaches, and strategists. When the client does not achieve or produce the results needed in their business or personal lives is usually when people seek my help. As a Certified Senior Professional in the fields of Organizational Change Management, Human Capital Management, and Public Management, I have led, consulted, trained, mentored, and coached many transformation experiences, navigating people just like you and organizations just like yours through successful individual and organizational change. These have included personal development, career development, business development, and spiritual development initiatives, as well as leadership, technology, and organizational change, and cultural transformation.

In short, I help you to discover, design, develop, and enhance the life you want to live across every aspect of personal, professional, business, and spiritual goals. By providing you the space to explore your brilliance and work through solutions to your personal vision, ministry, career or business challenges, I take a best-practices approach to change management which not only assists you with managing change, but also with experiencing transformation leading to your desired goals and destiny. Large firms, medium-sized organizations, and small businesses also find my services attractive because they rely on me for problem-solving, leadership, guidance, organizational change management, and innovative ideas which are then translated into implementation goals, program development, marketing and website development, book publishing, business consulting, online course development, training, human performance improvement, and key industry metrics.

The bottom-line:


Why waste time and energy with firms that are not accountable, or individuals who have never actually delivered professional level services and results? At the foundation of everything I do is undeniable faith that motivates and moves me to perform at my very best for each and everyone of my clients. YOU should experience what that is like working with me as your “Power ‘Preneur” – a born and gifted leader, strategist, and game-changer for you, your organization, and your life.


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After our first discovery session has been scheduled and completed, you will receive an enrollment package via email for additional information or data that is needed, should we mutually decide that we are a good fit to continue working together. When you schedule your first meeting and provide an upfront payment of $249 enrollment fee, you will receive information on how you can access me to schedule your first session. When you click below to sign up, you are selecting a Monthly Retainer Service which means you will pay a monthly recurring service fee of $149 per month to have access to contact me and receive up to one-hour of live assistance in discovery, designing a strategy, coaching, consulting, or Q & A each month on a particular topic or any initiative that you want to explore further with a coach or strategist. Our first meeting is usually a couple of hours in order to establish what it is that you want to explore and whether or not we are a good fit to work together on your desired initiative. We will also discuss the different methods or ways (i.e. coaching, consulting, training, mentoring, discipling, etc.) in which we may decide to work together – all in an effort to achieve your desired goals for reaching out to me and my business for assistance. None of what I offer at any time is to be construed as financial advice, legal advice, therapy or health-medical advice, psychological or physiological advice. I am not an accountant, attorney, mental health support, medical/health care provider, or any other type of clinical or other professional discipline. There are no refunds for our time spent together in any of our meetings that have already been paid or already booked on my schedule. However, after completing any of our scheduled meetings, if you feel that my services do not meet your expectations or needs, you are free to cancel the service at any time and no further payments will be warranted or deducted from your account.

Our ongoing communication may be made via email, text, phone or online video conference meetings. If you do not keep your monthly service active by paying your monthly subscription by the due date, service is automatically cancelled and your status is considered inactive.

All fees and services paid are non-refundable. Prices and service features on my website and marketing materials, emails, books, etc. are subject to change at any time without notice. Any products such as written materials, books, business products, marketing products, printed or non-printed materials, technology work products, etc. are sold separately outside of our coaching or consulting service fees.




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