BS1: What is Beyond Success to You?

Written by on February 2, 2019

What is Beyond Success to You?

Clients, both women and men just like you, come to The Noble Groups because you care about your lives, and that of the people and businesses you serve. I, in particular, love working with you on your life’s goals, your businesses, ministries, and careers, because you’re prepared to do the work that it takes to go beyond success to fulfillment, a fully satisfying life of service and excellence while you discover and realize the potential in yourself and others.

Beyond Success came to me as I went through my own personal development transformation a few years ago. I realized that up until that time most of my life had been about what someone else thought success and satisfaction was in life, rather than what I thought success and satisfaction was to me. All our lives we’re taught to pursue college degrees, great jobs, and a wonderful family. It came to me that by that definition, I was successful already. By mid 30’s, I had achieved what most people live their whole lives wishing for, and yet I was not fulfilled.

After this, I realized while spending some sacred years in private retreat, that what satisfaction and fulfillment meant to me was much more intimate than any relationship I had, and much more valued by me than all the respect and money that had come with my achievements. Spirituality became much more intimate to me, and my whole definition of success changed to take a backseat to the concept of fulfillment.

So, I ask you today to NOT think about success, but to think about what fulfillment is to you, because it’s likely that success to you may have been defined by what others think and expect, rather than what you think or expect, and certainly not what you need for fulfillment. For once, I want you to define what a fully satisfied life means to you.

Post your answers to the questions below. Respond to fellow colleagues postings as well.

  1. Define what a fully satisfied life means to you.
  2. How is it risky to subscribe to the concept of success as it is understood in our society? Why or why not?
  3. Are success and fulfillment the same to you? Why or why not?
  4. Where are You in Your Readiness for Change?
  5. Where are you in your leadership? What will you plant from this point forward?
  6. Write down what it is you want
  7. Stop thinking about what it is you fear. Make declarations of the things you will no longer fear and write your “No Fear” statements.
  8. For 30 days, think on what you want.

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